Gary and Diana Ballard at The Peg House
Gary and Diana Ballard


The Peg House owners Gary and Diana Ballard are busy with new additions. A new outdoor redwood stage is ready for music venues. The renovated barbecue stand and shaded patio area provide a restful area to eat.

The Peg House is conveniently located right off the highway 101 in North Leggett. Standish Hickey campground is nearby and woodland hiking trails.

Be sure to check out Diana's display of award winning salad dressings, jams & conserves. Diana daily bakes brownies, mookies, cookies and other delicious treats. Diana is available to cater for your party, family reunion or special event.

12 Years and Still Growing

Gary and Diana have been serving the community and the needs of travels by for over 12 years now. Their reputation as being gracious and kind hosts to the Gateway north proceeds them.


Unique Joinery was used to Build The Peg House

One of the questions people often ask is why the name Peg House? It is because what is now the general store and gas station, was built with a construction method using Pegs instead of nails to join the timbers. It has been a land Mark along the US 101 since the early days.

Music Lineup

No events
Brad Jenkins and Les Dudek

The Stage

The beautiful Redwood stage is large and well suited for all styles of music. Pictured here is Brad Jenkins and Les Dudek

The patio at The Peg House

The Patio

The shaded patio has many picnic tables to relax and eat or have a brew while listening to the music or just conversing.

The Store at The Peg House

The Store

The store has everything you need for your travels, camping and all the things you didn't realize you did need.


Never Don't Stop at The Peg House

Ask for your free Never Don't Stop at The Peg House sticker next time you stop by.